Adjusted stream cross-section profiles for Lookout Creek and Mack Creek, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, 1977-1998

  • Creator(s): John M. Faustini, Julia A. Jones
  • PI(s): Julia A. Jones
  • Originator(s): John M. Faustini
  • Other researcher(s):
  • Dates of data collection: Apr 14 1978 - Jul 14 1998
  • Data collection status: Study collection is completed and no new collection is planned
  • Data access: Online
  • Last update: Aug 5 2021 (Version 1)
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This database is a derivative of the GS002 database. It consists of periodically resurveyed cross-section profiles for 4 sites located in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest on 3rd to 5th-order stream channels over the period 1977-98. These sites are lower Lookout Creek (LOL; 61.5 km2 drainage area), middle Lookout Creek (LOM; 31.7 km2), Mack Creek clearcut (MCC; 5.9 km2) and Mack Creek old growth (MAC; 5.6 km2). The original cross-section data for these sites from the GS002 database are included (with corrections as noted) together with adjusted cross-section profile coordinates. The adjusted data incorporate horizontal and vertical coordinate adjustments to align profiles from consecutive years at each cross-section location to correct for imprecision in the survey methodology, particularly specification of cross-section end points. An indicator variable, PLOT, identifies points which do not fall on the channel boundary. Excluding data points for which PLOT = ā€œNā€ has the effect of filtering out most logs and woody debris within the channel margins that is not embedded within the channel or banks from the cross-section profiles. Vertical elevation is given in meters relative to an arbitrary datum (usually the starting point of the cross-section), and three sets of horizontal distance coordinates are given: distance in meters along the cross-section, corrected perpendicular distance in meters, and a unitless distance scaled by the active channel width. Each data point also has an associated code identifying the substrate type.

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1Cross-section data with adjustment corrections (Apr 14 1978 - Jul 15 1998)METADATAData not online
2Notes pertaining to entire cross-sections (Apr 14 1978 - Jul 15 1998)METADATAData not online
3Notes pertaining to individual data points (Apr 14 1978 - Jul 15 1998)METADATAData not online

 Stream cross-section profiles in the Andrews Experimental Forest and Hagan Block RNA 1978 to 2011 (GS002)

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