Lichen abundance and biodiversity along a chronosequence from young managed stands to ancient forest, 1993

Taxonomic Hierarchy

Taxonomic CodeHighest common
Division or PhylumClassOrderFamilyGenusSpeciesITIS Code
Omphalina Lichen     Omphalina  
Usnea Lichen     Usnea  190765
Alectoria sarmentosa Lichen     Alectoria Alectoria sarmentosa no tsn #
Alectoria vancouverensis Lichen     Alectoria Alectoria vancouverensis no tsn #
Bryoria capillaris Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria capillaris 190572
Bryoria friabilis Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria friabilis 190577
Bryoria fuscescens Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria fuscescens 190579
Bryoria oregana Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria oregana 190585
Sticta limbata Lichen     Sticta Sticta limbata 191280
Pseudocyphellaria crocata Lichen     Pseudocyphellaria Pseudocyphellaria crocata 191272
Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis Lichen     Pseudocyphellaria Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis 191274
Ramalina farinacea Lichen     Ramalina Ramalina farinacea 190868
Sphaerophorus globosus Lichen     Sphaerophorus Sphaerophorus globosus no tsn #
Sticta beauvoisii Lichen     Sticta Sticta beauvoisii 191278
Sticta fuliginosa Lichen     Sticta Sticta fuliginosa 191279
Parmeliopsis hyperopta Lichen     Parmeliopsis Parmeliopsis hyperopta 190724
Platismatia glauca Lichen     Platismatia Platismatia glauca 190726
Platismatia herrei Lichen     Platismatia Platismatia herrei 190727
Platismatia stenophylla Lichen     Platismatia Platismatia stenophylla 190729
Pseudocyphellaria anomala Lichen     Pseudocyphellaria Pseudocyphellaria anomala 191269
Pseudocyphellaria anthraspis Lichen     Pseudocyphellaria Pseudocyphellaria anthraspis 191270
Nephroma resupinatum Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma resupinatum 191296
Omphalina Lichen     Omphalina  
Parmelia pseudosulcata Fungi Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Parmeliaceae Parmelia Parmelia pseudosulcata no tsn #
Parmelia saxatilis Fungi Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Parmeliaceae Parmelia Parmelia saxatilis 14010
Parmelia squarrosa Fungi Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Parmeliaceae Parmelia Parmelia squarrosa 190721
Parmelia sulcata Fungi Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Parmeliaceae Parmelia Parmelia sulcata 14011
Lobaria scrobiculata Lichen     Lobaria Lobaria scrobiculata no tsn #
Nephroma bellum Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma bellum 191287
Nephroma helveticum Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma helveticum 191289
Nephroma laevigatum Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma laevigatum 191293
Nephroma occultum Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma occultum 191294
Nephroma parile Lichen     Nephroma Nephroma parile 191295
Hypogymnia occidentalis Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia occidentalis 190680
Hypogymnia oceanica Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia oceanica 190681
Hypogymnia physodes Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia physodes 190682
Hypogymnia tubulosa Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia tubulosa 190688
Hypotrachyna sinuosa Lichen     Hypotrachyna Hypotrachyna sinuosa no tsn #
Lobaria pulmonaria Lichen     Lobaria Lobaria pulmonaria 191262
Hypogymnia apinnata Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia apinnata no tsn #
Hypogymnia austerodes Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia austerodes 190668
Hypogymnia enteromorpha Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia enteromorpha 190671
Hypogymnia imshaugii Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia imshaugii 190674
Hypogymnia inactiva Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia inactiva 190675
Hypogymnia metaphysodes Lichen     Hypogymnia Hypogymnia metaphysodes 190678
Cetraria orbata Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria orbata no tsn #
Cetraria pallidula Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria pallidula no tsn #
Cetraria platyphylla Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria platyphylla no tsn #
Cladonia coniocraea Lichen     Cladonia Cladonia coniocraea 189872
Cladonia squamosa Lichen     Cladonia Cladonia squamosa 189968
Evernia prunastri Lichen     Evernia Evernia prunastri 190662
Bryoria pikeii Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria pikeii no tsn #
Bryoria pseudofuscescens Lichen     Bryoria Bryoria pseudofuscescens 190588
Cavernularia hultenii Lichen     Cavernularia Cavernularia hultenii 190600
Cetraria canadensis Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria canadensis no tsn #
Cetraria chlorophylla Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria chlorophylla no tsn #
Cetraria idahoensis Lichen     Cetraria Cetraria idahoensis no tsn #