Location Name: High 15 Meteorological Station - H15MET

Parent: Meteorological Stations - MS001

Site Description:
At the confluence of 2 roads in moderate forest
Bounding Coordinates (decimal degrees):
North: 44.26425069
West: -122.17378247
Elevation (meters):   909
Slope (%):   39.60
Aspect (degrees):   215
CANOPY: None directly overhead, but site surrounded by moderate forest. CONTINUOUS, OPEN CANOPY TYPE. SURFACE: Gravel and dirt.

At the confluence of 2 roads in moderate forest. Site is thus unusual by having large open areas radiating out from it through the surrounding forest. Attenuation is completely by surrounding trees, about 20 m from sensor in each direction. More open to direct radiation from the southwest for most months (direct sun in the mornings). During June and July site receives direct radiation through much of the day but during other months sun is blocked by forest wall to the south. (JWS 2001)