Location Name: Climatic Station at Watershed 2 - CS2MET

Parent: Meteorological Stations - MS001

Bounding Coordinates (decimal degrees):
North: 44.21473500
West: -122.24862900
Elevation (meters):   482
Slope (%):   18.10
Aspect (degrees):   19
CANOPY: Closest site to having 45 degree cone overhead. Canopy slightly more open to the east than other directions. CONTINUOUS, OPEN CANOPY TYPE. SURFACE: Tends to be bushy with thick short shrubbery and grass.

The longest running site in the HJ Andrews. Surrounded on all sides by thick forest with tall trees, located directly in middle of clearing (15-20m from trees). Located in a clearing up and across the main road from Lookout Creek, with cold-air drainage possibly affecting temperature regime. Surrounding forest plays a major role in insolation regime, though site is completely open directly above. Along with PRIMET, appears have cooler and somewhat unusual long-term temperature trends compared to the rest of the HJ Andrews. (JWS 2001)