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location code  location name  parent  
ALCO   Alder-conifer study at Cascade Head Experimental Forest   Cascade Head Experimental Forest  
HJRS   Andrews Forest and vicinity Reference Stands   Andrews Experimental Forest (HJA)  
HJWS   Andrews Forest and vicinity Watershed Reference Stands   Andrews Experimental Forest (HJA)  
DFGY   Douglas-fir Growth And Yield Study  Pacific Northwest  
HSGY   Hemlock-spruce Growth And Yield Study  Pacific Northwest Coast  
HJHE   High Elevation Reference Stand, H.J. Andrews EF   Andrews Experimental Forest (HJA)  
MHGY   Mountain Hemlock Growth and Yield Study  Willamette National Forest  
MRRS   Mt Rainier Reference Stands   Mt. Rainier National Park  
MSHV   Mt. St. Helens Volcanic study area  Pacific Northwest  
NFGY   Noble Fir Growth and Yield Study   Cascade Mountains, Oregon and Washington  
PPGY   Ponderosa Pine Growth and Yield Study  Deschutes National Forest  
RMRS  Rocky Mountain Reference Stands  Fraser Experimental Forest  
SQNP   Sequoia National Park Reference Stands  Sequoia National Park