Attribute: STUDYID

code  description    
ALCO    Alder-conifer plots at cascade head     
DFGY    Douglas fir growth and yield     
ESSA    Early succession synthesis area     
HSGY    Hemlock-spruce growth and yield     
LTER    Watershed 2 and Hagan block LTER transects (tree data)     
MEX    Mexico study near puerto morelos, quintana roo     
MHGY    Mountain hemlock growth and yield     
MISC    Miscellaneous reference stands     
MRRS    Mt Rainier reference stands     
NFGY    Noble fir growth and yield     
OHJA    H.J. Andrews reference stands     
PPGY    Ponderosa pine growth and yield     
RMRS    Rocky Mtn. reference stands     
SQNP    Sequoia national Park reference stands     
STPB    St. Petersburg study     
WRE    Wind river carbon study (Jack Janisch)