Attribute: TYPE

code  description    
B    Biased sample - Lid on NADP sampler malfunctions and sample includes dry deposition     
C    Sample is combined with preceeding saved sample(s) for analysis. Combined samples of this type are not used after 1981.     
DC    Dry deposition sample - dry bucket contains rain water and other insects/contaminants     
DF    Dry deposition sample - sample is dry and not contaminated with precipitation water     
DW    Dry deposition sample - dry bucket contains rain water     
F    Sample is successfully collected over the entire period - a "Full" sample.     
N    No sample is collected - generally indicates periods of little or no rain, but can be a lost sample.     
P    Partial sample - precipitation was not collected successfully over the entire period (includes problems with NADP-style collector motor or samples that may have overflowed)     
S    Sample saved and combined with the following collection due to insufficient water for analyses - samples were no longer saved and combined after 1981     
YE    Year end marker allows summary by water year - this is not a sample. Flux values are calculated from precip ending Sep 30 and use analyte concentrations from the following sample. 'YE' markers are inserted every Sep 30.