Properties of Attributes in entity 8 table: Soil physical and chemical data - Profile level

    DATACODE NNchar(5) freetextnominal     
    FORMAT NNnumeric(2,0) range interval natural 8.-8. number
    STAND YNchar(4) placenominal     
    PLOT YNnumeric(4,0) range ratio natural 101.-1005. number
    YEAR NNnumeric(4,0) range datetime  1981.-1982.1.year (yyyy)
    MMDD NNnumeric(4,0) range datetime as month and day
    DEPTHBED NNnumeric(3,0) range ratio natural 17.-700. centimeters
    PITDEPTH NNnumeric(3,0) range ratio natural 20.-220. centimeters
    LITTERTH NNnumeric(3,0) range ratio natural 1.-35. centimeters
    BDVOL NYnumeric(4,0) range ratio natural 500.-1400. cubic centimeters
    BDWT NYnumeric(6,1) range ratio real 508.0-1350.00.1grams
    BDWTGT2MM NYnumeric(6,1) range ratio real 190.0-1700.00.1grams
    TOT_N NYnumeric(5,3) range ratio real 0.090-0.3000.001percent
    TOT_C NYnumeric(7,4) range ratio real 2.0000-12.00000.0001percent
    MIN_NH3 NYnumeric(7,3) range ratio real 4.000-100.0000.001parts per million
    EXT_NH3 NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.900-20.0000.001parts per million