Properties of Attributes in entity 40 table: Legacy data: Temperature growth index, plant stress, and dew point temperature

    DBCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    ENTITY NNnumeric(2,0) range interval natural 40.-40.1.number
    SITECODE YNchar(6) placenominal     
    EXPOSURE NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    DATE YNdatetime range datetime  Apr 13 1970-Oct 6 1992 date as date type
    TGI NYnumeric(2,0) range ratio whole 0.-10.1.number
    TGI_FLAG NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    PLANTSTRES NYnumeric(4,1) range ratio real 2.7-25.70.1atmosphere
    PS_FLAG NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    MEANDEWDAY NYnumeric(5,1) range ratio real -9.0-21.00.1number
    FD1 NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    MEANDEWNIT NYnumeric(5,1) range ratio real -9.0-17.50.1number
    FD2 NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    MAXDEW NYnumeric(5,1) range ratio real -8.0-21.00.1number
    FD3 NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    MINDEW NYnumeric(5,1) range ratio real -10.0-16.00.1number
    FD4 NYchar(1) enumnominal