Properties of Attributes in entity 20 table: Snow water equivalence (SWE) and snow depth (median depth for each hour)

    DBCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    ENTITY NNnumeric(2,0) range interval natural 20.-20.1.number
    SITECODE NNchar(6) placenominal     
    SNOW_METHOD NNchar(6) enumnominal     
    QC_LEVEL NNchar(2) enumnominal     
    PROBE_CODE YNchar(8) enumnominal     
    DATE_TIME YNdatetime range datetime  Jun 16 1987 5:00AM-Apr 30 2015 1:00PM date as datetime type
    SWE_MED NYnumeric(4,0) range ratio whole 0.-1600.1.millimeters
    SWE_MED_FLAG NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    SNOWDEP_MED NYnumeric(4,0) range ratio whole 0.-4437.3.millimeters
    SNOWDEP_MED_FLAG NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    EVENT_CODE NNchar(6) enumnominal