Properties of Attributes in entity 5 table: Water isotope data (Oxygen-18) and rainfall from rain gauge network across the HJA

    NameKeyfieldNullableTypeDomainScaleNumTypeRangePrecisionUnitsMissing Value Code
    DBCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    ENTITY NNnumeric(2,0) range ratio natural 5.-5. number
    RAINGAGE YNchar(4) placenominal     
    EVENT YNchar(1) enumnominal     
    DATETIME YNdatetime range datetime  Sep 21 2002 1:05AM-Aug 11 2003 3:30AM date as datetime type
    RAINFALL_VOL NYnumeric(3,0) range ratio real 26.-540. milliliters
    RAINFALL_DEP NYnumeric(5,3) range ratio real 3.600-75.800 millimeters
    D18O NYnumeric(6,2) range ratio real -14.14--5.59 permil