Properties of Attributes in entity 6 table: Precipitation water sample log sheet: field and laboratory comments

    STCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    ENTITY NNnumeric(1,0) range ratio natural 6.-6.1.number
    SITECODE YNchar(6) placenominal     
    WATERYEAR NNnumeric(4,0) range interval natural 1969.-2020.1.number
    DATE_TIME YNdatetime range datetime  Oct 9 1968 9:52AM-Jan 9 2020 8:20AM date as datetime type
    LABNO NYchar(4) freetextnominal     
    TYPE NNchar(2) enumnominal     
    QCCODE NNchar(2) enumnominal     
    QA_SAMPLE NYchar(6) freetextnominal     
    SAMPLER_TYPE NNchar(2) enumnominal     
    LOW_VOLUME NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    FIELD_COMMENTS NYchar(254) freetextnominal     
    LAB_COMMENTS NYchar(254) freetextnominal     
    SEQ_INDEX NNnumeric(5,0) range ratio natural 1.-9233.1.number