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Becker, Paige S., Ward, Adam S., Herzog, Skuyler P., Wondzell, Steven. M. (2023) Testing hidden assumptions of representativeness in reach-scale studies of hyporheic exchange. Water Resources Research. (Pub. No: 5269, Journal Article)

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Gannon, Dustin G. (2022) Plant-Pollinator Interactions in a Changing World: Cryptic Specialization, Pollinator Movement, and Landscape Genetics of Pollinator-Dependent Plants. Botany and Plant Pathology Search for this term in SA@OSU. (Pub. No: 5264, Thesis)

Gervers, K.A., Thomas, D.C., Roy, B.A., Spatafora, J. W., Busby, P.E. (2022) Crown closure affects endophytic leaf mycobiome compositional dynamics over time in Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii. Fungal Ecology. (Pub. No: 5259, Journal Article)

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