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Becker, Paige S., Ward, Adam S., Herzog, Skuyler P., Wondzell, Steven. M. (2023) Testing hidden assumptions of representativeness in reach-scale studies of hyporheic exchange. Water Resources Research. (Pub. No: 5269, Journal Article)

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Jarecke, Karla M., Hawkins, Linnia R., Bladon, Kevin D., Wondzell, Steven M. (2023) Carbon uptake by Douglas-fir is more sensitive to increased temperature and vapor pressure deficit than reduced rainfall in the western Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. (Pub. No: 5270, Journal Article)

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Nalamalapu, Vishva (2023) The Sleepless Forest Observers. MIT Scope. (Pub. No: 5298, Magazine Article)

Nyman, Matt, O’Connell, Kari (2023) Evaluation of Students’ Response to Field Trips to HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. (Pub. No: 5318, Report)

Peter-Contesse, Hayley (2023) Spatiotemporal Patterns in Soil Carbon Distribution, Persistence, and CO2 Respiration in a Pacific Northwest Montane Forest. Soil Science. (Pub. No: 5322, Thesis)

Richards, Karen (2023) What is lost and what’s to be gained at the H.J. Andrews Forest after the Lookout Fire. Environment. (Pub. No: 5328, Audiovisual Material)

Richie, Marina (2023) Treasures in the canopy. (Pub. No: 5300, Magazine Article)

Schonberg, Lisa (2023) Old Growth Playback. 2023 Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF) for Artists. (Pub. No: 5289, Audiovisual Material)

Sodergren, Clayton (2023) Long-Term Effects of Fire Severity, Time Since Fire, and Topography on Douglas-Fir Canopy Complexity in the Western Cascades, Oregon, USA. Forest Ecosystems and Society. (Pub. No: 5321, Thesis)

Spencer, Max, Roy, Bitty, Thornton, Tiffany, Silva, Lucas, Mcguire, Krista (2023) Logging has legacy effects on the structure of soil fungal communities several decades after cessation in Western Cascade forest stands. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. (Pub. No: 5292, Journal Article)

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The Confluence Lab (2023) Ground Truths. Stories of Fire Online Exhibition Series Part I. (Pub. No: 5307, Audiovisual Material)

Tosa, Marie I., Lesmeister, Damon B., Allen, Jennifer M., Levi, Taal (2023) Multi-locus DNA metabarcoding reveals seasonality of foraging ecology of western spotted skunks in the Pacific Northwest. Ecosphere. (Pub. No: 5272, Journal Article)

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Wright, Charles M. (2023) Effects of Forest Harvest, Floods, and Wildfire on Bedload Export from Headwater Catchments in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 1957 – 2022. Water Resources Science. (Pub. No: 5319, Thesis)