Post-fire succession study, Torrey Charlton RNA, 1997 to present

  • Creator(s): Steven A. Acker, Mark E. Harmon
  • PI(s): Mark E. Harmon
  • Originator(s): Steven A. Acker
  • Other researcher(s): Jane A. Kertis, Robert J. Pabst
  • Dates of data collection: Sep 1 1997 - Oct 11 2016
  • Data collection status: Study continues and further data collection is planned
  • Data access: Online
  • Last update: Jul 26 2016 (Version 7)
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Acker, S.; Harmon, M. 2016. Post-fire succession study, Torrey Charlton RNA, 1997 to present. Long-Term Ecological Research. Forest Science Data Bank, Corvallis, OR. [Database]. Available: Accessed 2023-12-11.
Data were provided by the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest research program, funded by the National Science Foundation's Long-Term Ecological Research Program (DEB 2025755), US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and Oregon State University.
While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available "as is". The Andrews LTER shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of data sets.
The fire that consumed a good deal of the Torrey-Charlton RNA in August of 1996 provided a unique opportunity to observe natural, post-fire vegetation dynamics in high elevation forest. We were able to take advantage of permanent plots in the RNA, established in 1976. The plots encompass a range of fire severity from unburned to complete tree mortality with crowns consumed. Our objectives in this work were: 1) to quantify the severity of the fire at the scale of 0.1 ha plots and individual trees; 2) to describe characteristics of the post-fire seedbed; 3) to track the fate of snags created by the wildfire; 4) to document regeneration of trees and understory vegetation after the fire; 5) to continue the measurements of treee growth and mortality that pre-date the fire.

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Ecological Metadata Language: (EML)
2Initial 1997 Snag Condition (Sep 8 1997 - Oct 7 1997)METADATADATA
See entity 9 for full snag remeasurements
3Understory line-intercept data (Sep 8 1997 - Sep 9 2016)METADATADATA
4Seedbed condition (Sep 8 1997 - Sep 9 2006)METADATADATA
Assessed as percent cover of various substrates
5Tree regeneration (Sep 8 1997 - Sep 9 2016)METADATADATA
seedling and sapling counts by height size class
6Shrub biomass (Sep 9 1997 - Sep 9 1997)METADATADATA
7Whole Plot Species List (Sep 8 1997 - Sep 9 2006)METADATADATA
8Plot location, fire severity and topography METADATADATA
9Snag Remeasurement (Sep 8 1997 - Oct 11 2016)METADATADATA
10Seedling survival METADATADATA