Dendrometer studies for stand volume and height measurements of trees of the western US, 1976 to 1993

  • Creator(s): Jerry F. Franklin, Mark E. Harmon
  • PI(s): Mark E. Harmon
  • Originator(s): Jerry F. Franklin
  • Other researcher(s): Jerry F. Franklin, Sarah E. Greene
  • Dates of data collection: Jun 1 1976 - Apr 13 1993
  • Data collection status: Study collection is completed and no new collection is planned
  • Data access: Online
  • DOI:
  • Last update: Dec 16 2015 (Version 9)
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Franklin, J.; Harmon, M. 2015. Dendrometer studies for stand volume and height measurements of trees of the western US, 1976 to 1993. Long-Term Ecological Research. Forest Science Data Bank, Corvallis, OR. [Database]. Available: Accessed 2024-07-18.
Data were provided by the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest research program, funded by the National Science Foundation's Long-Term Ecological Research Program (DEB 2025755), US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and Oregon State University.
While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available "as is". The Andrews LTER shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of data sets.
Dendrometry is used to get an accurate estimate of volume and height for individual trees. Volume tables or regressions may be generated. This method accurately accounts for taper by measuring at consecutive points up the bole.

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1Dendrometer Measurements - format 1 (Jun 1 1976 - Apr 13 1993)METADATADATA
2Dendrometer Measurements - format 2 METADATADATA
3Dendrometer Measurements - format 3 METADATADATA
4Dendrometer Measurements - format 4 METADATADATA
5Dendrometer Measurements - format 5 METADATADATA
6Dendrometer Log Summaries METADATADATA
7Dendrometer Tree Summaries METADATADATA
8Dendrometer Regression Equations METADATADATA
9Regression of Diameter Increment on Crown Ratio by Canopy Cl METADATADATA
10Asymptotic Height-Diameter Equations for 24 Tree Species METADATADATA

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