Fire history database of the western United States, 1994

  • Creator(s): Emily K. Heyerdahl, Frederick J. Swanson
  • PI(s): Frederick J. Swanson
  • Originator(s): Emily K. Heyerdahl
  • Other researcher(s): James K. Agee, Frederick J. Swanson, Dawn Berry
  • Dates of data preparation: Jan 1 1993 - Jan 1 1996
  • Data collection status: Study collection is completed and no new collection is planned
  • Data access: Online
  • DOI:
  • Last update: Sep 13 2013 (Version 9)
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Heyerdahl, E.; Swanson, F. 2013. Fire history database of the western United States, 1994. USFS PNW Ecosystem Processes Research. Forest Science Data Bank, Corvallis, OR. [Database]. Available: Accessed 2023-12-11.
Data sets were provided by the Forest Science Data Bank, a partnership between the Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, and the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, Corvallis, Oregon.
While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available "as is". The FSDB shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of data sets.
To create a database of existing published and unpublished tree-ring reconstructions of fire regimes in forested areas, before circa 1900, west of 100 W longitude in the continental United States, exclusive of Alaska. The studies included in the database are restricted to tree-ring reconstructions of fire history and the information extracted includes citations to the data sources, site information, estimated fire regimes, and information on individual fire events (when readily available). Fire regimes vary greatly across short distances in the western United States, so that a reconstruction of fire history over a small area may not represent the history of a larger area. Therefore, we extracted information on the size of the study area and the amount of fire evidence (number of trees scarred and/or number of tree origin dates) used in computing the fire regimes to allow the user to gauge the applicability of each reconstruction to larger areas.

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