Instructions for downloading and viewing data

Step 1: Select permanent plots (“stands”) of interest. Selections can be filtered by geographic region, administrative unit, or study focus, or by selecting individual stands if you know the StandID(s). You can also select all stands in the PNW-PSP database (n=159).
Step 2: Select the data summary you wish to download. Options include individual tree data, plot-within-stand summaries, stand-level summaries, and descriptors of selected stands. You can download each of these data tables one at a time. For plot-level and stand-level tables, options include summaries with point-in-time (state) variables or change-over-time variables (e.g., rates).
Step 3: Take time to view the data dictionary (metadata) to know what each data table contains.
Step 4: Explore trend lines of stand-level summaries (14 different variables) using the interactive graphing utility. Graphs are exportable to pdf.
Step 5: If any data or graphs are used in a presentation, report or publication, please acknowledge our research program by copying the data citation shown in the box above.
  1. Select stands to view and export   help

    Select stands individually:

  2. Select data table of interest and then click on Download CSV   help

    File content preview (first 10 lines)

  3. Data Metadata

    Individual trees Summary statistics at the individual tree level
    Plot level - state Static summaries (point in time) at the plot level
    Plot level - change Change data summaries at the plot level
    Stand level - state Static summaries (point in time) at the stand level
    Stand level - change Change data summaries at the stand level
  4. Graph stand-level trends   help

    Only the first five stands selected above will be displayed for graphs of total stand summaries, NPP and overall mortality rates. For graphs by species, only the first stand selected will be displayed.


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