Location Name: Andrews Mack Creek Gaging Station - GSMACK

Parent: Andrews Mack Creek Watershed - WSMACK

Site Description:
2nd growth opening; clearcut 1965
Bounding Coordinates (decimal degrees):
North: 44.21943621
West: -122.16744700
Elevation (meters):   755
Slope (%):   11.28
Aspect (degrees):   80
Site History:
Harvest years: 1962 Percent Harvest: 15% Harvest type: Clearcut/Salvage GIS estimated percent harvest: 12.9%

The Mack Creek gaging station (Figure 9.4) is located at the upstream end of the clearcut reach. The gaging station flume creates an abrupt drop of over 2 m-in essence, an artificial waterfall-less than 15 m upstream of XS 101 (Figure 9.4). The elevation and drainage area for this station are 758 m and 5.81 ha (5.81 km2), respectively. Drainage areas at the downstream ends of the old-growth and clearcut reaches, estimated from 30-m DEM, are 5.6 and 5.9 km2, respectively (Table 9.1). Average channel width is approximately 13 m for the old-growth reach and approximately 11 m for the clearcut reach, but the width is quite variable in both reaches. Average channel gradient was estimated from the longitudinal profile survey to be 10.0% for the old-growth reach and 9.6% for the clearcut reach.


CANOPY: None directly overhead, though radiation heavily affected by surrounding trees. CONTINUOUS, OPEN CANOPY TYPE. SURFACE: Sensor directly over large deep pool.

Stream site halfway up Mack Creek watershed. Sensor is high above water level of deep, large pool. Canopy plays more of a role in radiation attenuation than topography for all months except December and January. (JWS 2001)