Attribute: TYPE

code  description    
A    Augmented sample - grab sample added to insufficient proportional sample (rarely used after 1987)     
B    Biased sample - consecutive samples are proportionally separated and combined based on streamflow - code use begins WY 2008 to approx. two 3-week sampling intervals (where one sample is for 4 wks and the next for 2 wks)     
C    Sample combined with preceeding saved sample(s) for analysis - not used after 1981     
F    Complete, full sample. Sampler operational throughout sampling period.     
G    Grab sample taken in lieu of proportional sample     
N    No sample is collected for this period     
P    Partial sample - proportional sampler did not operate successfully over entire period     
QA    Quality control sample taken above flume     
QB    Quality control samples taken below turbulence box     
QL    Quality control sample taken through sampler and left in gage house until next collection     
QS    Quality control sample taken through sampler     
S    Sample saved to combine with following collection (type 'C') due to insufficient water (not used after 1981). Nutrient concentrations of the following stream water sample are used to determine fluxes for this period.     
YE    Year end marker allows summary by water year - this is not a sample. Flux values are calculated from streamflow ending Sep 30 and use analyte concentrations from the following sample. 'Y' markers are inserted every Sep30