Properties of Attributes in entity 2 table: NIR Nitrogen, Lignin, and Cellulose Contents

    STCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    FORMAT NNnumeric(2,0) range ratio natural 2.-2. number
    SITE NNchar(9) placenominal     
    REP NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    DURATION NNnumeric(2,0) range ratio whole 0.-20.1.number of years
    SPECIES NNchar(6) taxanominal     
    TYPE NNchar(1) enumnominal     
    NIR_NUM NNnumeric(5,0) range ratio natural 1.-99999. number
    DUP NYchar(1) enumnominal     
    ANALY_DATE NYdatetime range datetime  Oct 8 1999-Jan 13 2003 date as date type
    NIR_N NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.000-5.5000.010percent
    NIR_PAFNN NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.000-100.0000.010percent
    NIR_NPE NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.000-50.0000.010percent
    NIR_LIGNIN NYnumeric(7,3) range ratio real 0.000-100.0000.010percent
    NIR_WSCARB NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.000-8.0000.010percent
    NIR_TANNIN NYnumeric(5,3) range ratio real 0.000-7.0000.001percent
    LAB NNchar(3) enumnominal     
    COMMENT NYchar(3) enumnominal