Properties of Attributes in entity 3 table: Tissue and overall Log Densities

    DBCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    ENTITY NNnumeric(2,0) range interval natural 3.-3.1.number
    STUDYID NNchar(4) placenominal     
    YEAR YNnumeric(4,0) range datetime  1900.-2050.1.year (yyyy)
    TIME YNnumeric(4,0) range ratio natural 0.-140.1.number
    SUB YNchar(2) enumnominal     
    SPECIES YNchar(4) taxanominal     
    SUBDEN NNnumeric(5,3) range ratio real 0.148-0.5710.001grams per cubic centimeter
    LOGDEN NNnumeric(5,3) range ratio real 0.192-0.4540.001grams per cubic centimeter
    SAMPLEDATE NYdate range datetime  Mar 18 1991-Mar 17 1998 date as date type