Properties of Attributes in entity 5 table: Instantaneous and total discharge for requested time intervals

    STCODE NNchar(5) enumnominal     
    FORMAT NNnumeric(2,0) range ratio integer 5.-5.1.number
    SITECODE YNchar(6) placeordinal     
    DATE_TIME YNdatetime range datetime  Oct 1 1952 12:00AM-Oct 1 2018 12:00AM date as datetime type
    EQN_SET_CODE NNchar(3) enumnominal     
    STAGE NYnumeric(6,3) range ratio real 0.000-2.5000.010feet
    INST_Q NYnumeric(8,3) range ratio real 0.000-8000.0000.010cubic feet per second
    MEAN_Q NYnumeric(8,3) range ratio real 0.000-500.0000.100cubic feet per second
    MEAN_Q_AREA NYnumeric(7,3) range ratio real 0.000-400.0000.100cubic feet per second per square mile
    TOTAL_Q_INT NYnumeric(8,6) range ratio real 0.0000-2.00000.010000inches
    TOTAL_Q NYnumeric(10,1) range ratio real 0.0-30000000.00.1cubic feet
    ESTCODE NNchar(1) enumnominal